Quarterly Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter

1. See the NCSLC at the National Service-Learning Conference
March 30 – April 2

See the NCSLC’s own Sam Park at the Educate. Ignite. Transform – The 2016 National Service-Learning Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Here’s his session information:

60 Tech Tools for Service-Learning in 60 Minutes
Location: Greenway Ballroom J
Presenter: Sam Park, Harris Road Middle School / 1KL, NC
Track: Interactive
Primary Audience(s): All Youth, K-12 Teachers

Ever wonder if there’s an “app for that” that would make your service-learning project much easier? Do you want more engaging and effective ways to make your project stand out? Then this workshop is for you! Transform your service-learning experience and engage your partners and students. 60 Tech Tools for Service-Learning will demonstrate the best tech tools for service-learning!

Sam will be also serving as Youth Emcee for the General Assembly, to kick off the conference.
Sam will introduce the keynote speakers, Cathryn Berger Kaye and Madison Vorva.  Keynote speakers: http://servicelearningconference.org/2016/meet-experts.php

Board members Thomas Ray and, Sam & Enoch Park will be attending the conference, and represent NCSLC at the Resource & Opportunity Fair.  http://servicelearningconference.org/2016/opportunity.php

Go say “hello!”

2. See the NCSLC at the Scaling STEM Conference
April 4, 2016

See NCSLC Board members Frank McKay and Kate Santhuff at the Scaling STEM Conference in RTP. Here’s the session information:

Designing High Quality Service-Learning for STEM Education
What differentiates true service-learning from other volunteer and community service activities? How can service-learning enhance STEM education and engage students in community action? This session will explore these questions through the lens of the K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice, national standards that define high-quality service-learning. During the session, participants will examine elementary, middle, and high school STEM projects, discuss connections to the service-learning standards, and think about ways to engage their own students in quality service-learning. Whether you are new to service-learning or an experienced hand, this session is designed to expand your thinking and improve your practice.

3. Help Make a Difference: Join the NCSLC Board

Here’s a great leadership opportunity for students who love service-learning: the NCSLC is seeking people to fill the following positions on our Executive Board.

  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Chair
  • Higher Education Representatives (The Board hopes to select one student from a 4-year institution and one from a community college.)

Interested? Request an application by EMAIL: ncservicelearningcoalition@gmail.com

Application deadline is April 15. Save the date for Board retreat in Wilmington: June 3-4.

Come be a part of a great group of people trying to foster Service-Learning in our state!
4. Follow the NCSLC on Twitter & Facebook!
We’re now on Twitter. Follow us for the latest Service-Learning related opportunities, 2016 updates, and more!
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ncslc or @ncslc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NCSLCoalition/

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