NC teachers brainstorm to inspire the next Woolworth Four

Techers inspiring the next Woolworth Four
(National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) Blog, February 2017)

27 North Carolina social studies teachers may be inspiring the next Woolworth Four by giving their students the tools for not only reading history, but also making it.

Gathered at the historic Woolworth Counter in downtown Greensboro, NC, a group of teachers brainstormed big ideas to bring Civic Engagement and Service Learning to their schools and communities.

  • The big idea of the Bill of Rights framing American ideals became a youth review of a student handbook vis-a-vis the Bill of Rights, with student surveys and school board presentations driving the action.
  • The big idea of poverty as the root of many societal challenges became a youth-led resource bank of post-secondary options for students, with avenues for financial support as part of the research and deliberation phase of the inquiry cycle.
  • The big idea of civil rights issues shaping societal norms became an exploration of movements and activism, from the 1960s to present day, with ideas for English/Language Arts assessments and self-awareness leading to social awareness interspersed throughout the study.

Visit NYLC Blog for the detailed story:

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