Featured Service Story: William Peace University Hosts Day of Service

Chris Baker, AmeriCorps/Vista Volunteer Coordinator at William Peace University in Raleigh, NC, contributed our service-learning story this week:

We recently had a very successful day of service here at William Peace University.  Over 123 students, staff, and alumni worked on 4 different projects. We also packaged meals for Stop Hunger Now, which have just recently been sent to Nicaragua.

In planning the event, one of the most critical lessons I learned was to communicate, communicate, communicate, and when you think you’ve communicated enough, communicate more. We sent out emails to participants daily leading up to the event reminding them of the basic information, and where they would be serving.  On the day of the event, if there was a question about where someone was, or what time something start, we could always have the person revert back to their emails.

Overall, our day of service impacted Raleigh directly in a very limited way. Our students only served so many meals at Oak City Outreach Center, or sorted a fraction of the clothes at North Raleigh Ministry’s Thrift Shop. We took 26 no sew blankets to Project Linus, but that only scratches the surface of what they need. However,  these actions were helpful though in two major ways. The first is that it opened the door between William Peace University, and our partner organizations.  Establishing relationship with organizations leads to great work with them, and even other organizations by association.  Secondly, it opened our students to service work as a whole.  Many of our students are familiar with service work, or maybe have participated in days of service before. Still, they experienced something unique that particular day at that particular site. Perhaps a spark was lit and smolders into a fire within that person to make service their life’s work?

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For more information about this event, contact Chris at clbaker@peace.edu.

Do you have a service-learning story you’d like to share?  Send it our way: ncservicelearningcoalition@gmail.com.

Pictures and video are property of William Peace University.

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